What is MOMS Club®?

The Colchester/Lebanon Chapter of MOMS Club

(MOMS Offering Moms Support) is an international nonprofit organization just for you, the stay-at-home-mom of today. We offer a variety of activities for you and your child(ren) and we help you feel good about your decision to stay home. We now have 2,000+ chapters and over 100,000 members worldwide.

We hold an all-member's meeting that meets monthly on the third Thursday of the month. We otherwise meet during the week in the daytime and encourage moms to share their talents, participate in committees and host events as it boosts the spirit of the club. We all have something to offer! 

Activities: A few examples can be field trips to museums, parks, beaches and petting zoos, an outing for breakfast or ice cream. 

Mom's Night Out: Once a month we plan a night out. We go to the movies, bowling, have craft parties, etc. 

Playgroups: We organize weekly playgroups to meet at someone's home. For the sake of continuity, they generally meet on the same day of the week.

Book Club: A book is selected by vote and we meet to discuss it. Finishing is never mandatory!

Sunshine Committee: Assists moms in need with meals, child care, etc.

Service Projects: Have focused on local, state and regional children's charities. Some examples are: The Mother to Mother Fund, Colchester Social Services, Toys For Tots.
Annual Dues are $25. Prospective members may attend 2 all-member meetings but they may not vote or participate in group activities until they have paid their dues. Non voting seasonal membership is available for $10 (June-August) The only requirement for membership is that you reside in either the town of Colchester or the town of Lebanon, Connecticut.
Examples of Activities and Committees
Contact us
Ready to learn more about our organization? Feel free to contact us by emailing momsclubcolchesterlebanon@yahoo.com. The Membership V.P. will take your information and email or call to invite you to a meeting. You can also look for us at www.meetup.com/MOMS-Club-of-Colchester-Lebanon-CT
General information about the MOMS Club® can be found by visiting www.momsclub.org Neither the MOMS Club®of Colchester/Lebanon CT, nor the International MOMS Club® endorses any advertisers on this website.
MOMS Club® of Colchester/Lebanon Connecticut